Alistair Kenyon-Brodie is a British Product Designer based in Guangdong, China.

Visa Office

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As an avid world traveller, I am constantly checking to see, as a citizen of Britain, whether I require a visa. This process is not as simple as you'd expect.

When checking for a visa, there are multiple issues.

  1. Multiple sites are supplying the information, but for different countries. Eg. American citizen Singapore visa details, instead of British citizen Singapore visa details.
  2. There are consulate websites which are not user-friendly.
  3. There's a government UK website, but that often links to the relevant consulate page. The consulate websites are challenging to use and don't have the information I need easily accessible.
  4. There's much irrelevant information.

These issues make it very difficult to navigate to the information you require.

I decided to take it upon myself to create the service I needed because no one else was going to make it how I could.

I wanted to focus on two key things: simplicity and Hierarchy.

I had to break down the information that people needed about visas to the essential pieces of information. I did this by deciding on four key categories.

These are self-explanatory. I wanted just the critical information and nothing else.

The hierarchy was essential. I had to ensure that it takes less than a couple of seconds to find the most crucial data.

Having a magnificent structure with only the information the user needs allows anyone to understand the exact procedure of applying for a visa in a specific country without ANY confusion.

Here is an example of tourist requirement webpages of the UK Government and the Visalist website. Look how much necessary information is on the site.

Government Singapore Visa Information Visalist Singapore Visa Information

I have copied all the relevant information required and created the following page;

Visa Office Singapore Visa Information

As you can see, I have used hierarchy and simplicity to recreate a service that lacked in user experience. This project is ongoing and is currently in the development stage.


The logo of Hedgehop

Hedgehop was a university project that I decided to carry on once I finished my degree. The point of the service was to encourage kids to learn about other languages and cultures. I wanted to ensure the service would work in the real world, so I trained as a TEFL English (Teach English as a foreign language) teacher and headed to China where I would spend the following year testing Hedgehop.

The service worked well and the kids loved a smoother process of learning individually and in teams using a touchscreen whiteboard to gamify the service.

During the time, I realized that...

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